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Lotus Core (LTS) Ayrıntıları ve Finansal Bilgiler


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ICO AdıLotus Core
Başlangıç ​​tarihiTBA
Bitiş tarihiTBA
Ico Timer
ICO Zaman

Currently there are several solutions for game distribution, and new solutions continue to emerge whenever they improve the ability for developers to obtain greater profits. On the other hand are the DRM systems, abhorred by most of the public. Some of the concerns regarding DRM is that they limit the enjoyment of the games by forcing the user to be online to play and also limiting the ownership of the games, since they prevent the user from selling it or lending it.

Financial Manager
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Fiyat1 ETH = 35,000 LTS Satış700,000,000 Ödeme şekliETH
Asgari YatırımN/A dağıtım70% kalkıkN/A
Yumuşak Cap1000 ETH Sert Kapak16984 ETH
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